November 26, 2013


augustus turned seven months yesterday.

loving him feels like seeing the ocean for the first time. our eyes are still adjusting, our heart is still pounding, we still can't really believe it.

we spend a lot of time taking him in, much like a miracle or a rainforest. we turn to each other almost daily with disbelief  ~  how is he real? how is he ours? god trusts us with him? we made him? 

he is our beautiful light. our gold. our favorite sonata. he is the air, the earth, the trees.

and he thinks we are the funniest and loves this song, just like his mama always has.

we have loved you every moment of every day, and it really does just keep better and better and better.


  1. an angel. he is so very precious.

  2. loved all love in your words. this love really is the best, and yes, the special, dear moments always better with each day. happy 7 months to you three xo

  3. And, he loves you right back. He loves you good, I promise!