January 16, 2014


this smoothie is completely inspired by the witching hour. last evening, in an effort to get out of our freezing home, we took a drive down the road and ended at our favorite fresh produce and natural foods store. it sits along a road that leads to the ocean and i always seem to find "the best things ever" there. we just walked the aisles (i think you tend to do that a lot as a mama, i'm finding) and i discovered my new favorite fresh juice (i mean, that bottle!) and a few other beautiful ingredients to make stuffed bell peppers. i picked up a little bag of this wheat grass powder knowing the incredible health benefits but not knowing exactly how to use it.

after a little thought, i tried adding it to one of my post work-out smoothies and it is absolutely incredible. it is a subtle flavor and not nearly intense as pure wheat grass juice. it reminds me of matcha green tea.

for this smoothie, i simply blended all these ingredients together, including a large handful of ice. mix until thoroughly blended. 

this recipe makes enough for two large glasses. i gave one to my husband and he said that it is his new favorite smoothie, too. so enjoy ~ 


  1. This looks amazing Kerrie!
    Liquid Gold!

  2. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.


  3. Making these for brunch tomorrow! I’ll let you know how my family likes them – big smoothie people here!