April 12, 2015


on the twenty-fifth of this month, augustus george moon is turning two. even typing that feels foreign and odd, as he is still so very little, so very much my little baby. while i will probably make a few more sentimental and dedicated posts to his two years of life, i thought it would be fun to put together a little mood board for some gifts we would love to give him. just a few things that really represent the beautiful boy that he is and is every day becoming.

we don't have any plans to have a big party, but just a small family celebration at our home, with balloons and a cake and bubbles and music. we did something similar for his birthday last year, and i think he was quite pleased.

1. a mop and broom set, because this little boy of ours love, love loves to do both.
2. a big boy backpack for summer adventures, sleepovers, trips to the beach and campouts in our backyard and elsewhere.
3. the perfect swimsuit to protect his milky skin. he is so tiny that i'm sure he'll still be swimming in 18-24months.
4. a beautiful wooden firetruck, so he can imitate his favorite sound in the world.
5. a timeless sunhat, for all our outdoor time together.
6. a blender, so he can maybe stop carrying our vitamix around every single day since thanksgiving.
7. a submarine, to take to the park and in his baths.
8. a bird night light, because he loves them so and how special is that.
9. a big boy version of our very favorite sandal.
10 & 11. classic books, he has a thing for them, and so do i.

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