November 1, 2016


happy day after halloween, dear friends. i hope yours was safe and darling and cozy.

ours was quiet and simple and kind of just how we intended it to be. gus was dressed up as a pilot and fiorella was a garden gnome. both were kind of last minute ideas, using what we already had, and i must say, it really does pay to have vintage baby clothes on hand!

we went trick-or-treating in a quiet neighborhood nearby and laughed hysterically at gus going up to the doors (which was much different than last year when he was too afraid). he would knock on the doors WHILE simulatenously yelling TRICK-OR-TREAT and when they didn't answer within .2 seconds, he would then yell "can you please open the door please?"

i texted my mom a video of him going up to a house, and her response was "this is the good stuff sweetheart!"

yes, i totally, completely, agree.


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