November 2, 2016


it is the second of november and there is something so magical about this month, something unlike any other, really. the light shines in this mercurial glow and i find myself chasing its story in my home, trying to be a part of it, bask in it, take it all in like a good book or a perfect cup of coffee before your children rise.

we are working on small projects in our home and while the list is vast, there is something deeply romantic about working on small things together. while steve works on tiling or building me ledges to place my tiny collections of things, i work on scrubbing and simplifying and making a hundred year old structure into a home. my husband's five o'clock shadow on his face show signs of the day's hard work, and at night i run my hands across it as he puts on a record and drinks his cabernet. it is rough and prickly and beautiful.  i think it makes his eyes stand out even more. i beg him not shave, but he laughs and assures me it will grow back each time.

the kids are settling into a new rhythm here. our nap times happen at the same time each day and their lavender baths before bed is something of a ritual we have all grown excited about. gus turns on the water, strips himself down to nothing, and hops on in. while the spout is still running, i undress fiorella, who waits ever so excitedly - joyfully -  at the edge of the tub and screams with glee as she waits for her turn to be plopped on in.  i usually sit against the wall and play music and watch as they enjoy themselves, brother and sister, and stare in utter amazement that i made those two beautiful souls unabashedly laughing.

after a tough and long search, we finally found a preschool for our augustus and it is actually sweeter than i could have imagined. in our search, it was essential for us that when we walked in, we would have this feeling that yes, our boy will be loved here and yes, our beautiful boy will thrive here. so, so many did not have that feeling and it was becoming so daunting for us. but finally, we found one that means everything to us already, and it is actually not too far from our door. i am so excited to have him in a place he will love and will be loved, and i am so excited to watch him bloom even further.

this evening we have plans to go for a walk in the painted green wagon and to light a fire right before their bedtime so they get to enjoy it for a bit before we enjoy the rest just as a couple ;) it is such an important and quiet time for us and i am already counting down the hours for it to happen. we decided to host thanksgiving here this year, so we are already planning where everyone will go in our tiny home and it's been such hopeful conversation in the evening talking about our menu, steve's famous mashed potatoes (he uses roasted garlic and cream cheese in his!) and i have been scheming up the table decor. i'm thinking woodland forest this year!

anyways, i hope you are all having a wonderful start to your november. i am compiling a playlist to share on here (it may be my most requested message lately!) so i can't wait to share it hopefully tomorrow.

be well friends xxxo


  1. Your little home , as you call it, is so humbly pure in beauty. The simpliest of days bring the deepest happiness. Love abounding in care. I am so happy to read that you are settling in even though it has been so difficult. You have remained brave and press on...I have been hearing within that we are to shelter one another. And this is what you are doing. May the gentlest of light fill your days. x Kerrie

    PS The same white linen curtains fill my cottage and even the same curtain rods. I love them so.

  2. You are ever the inspiration! Thank you for reminding your readers to slow down and be patient with the progress of things, as well as be grateful for every fleeting beautiful moment.

  3. I seriously hope you post Steve's mashed potato recipe on here or ig! - Erin

  4. I seriously hope you post Steve's mashed potato recipe on here or ig! - Erin

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